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Join the Revolution. The Revolution is Red

Is this a hold-up? No Ser, this is HODL-Up!

A monochrome pallet of 4 colors dominates the theme running through HODL-Up with a vast quantity of backgrounds powered by a potent and vibrant red which gives HODL-Up a truly unique and aesthetic feel.

The HODL-Up GEN1 supply is relatively small at 980 items pushing quality over quantity, there by letting the artwork speak for itself.

Whereas the overwhelming majority of PFP/NFT collections have less than 10 backgrounds but have many if not hundreds of traits HODL-Up has gone in the opposite direction with hundreds of pixelated hand-crafted backgrounds consisting of geometric patterns and shapes, thereby leaving the original artwork virtually unchanged besides handful of rare exceptions.

The above makes HODL-Up truly unique and stand out from the vast majority of collections on the current market which is why I believe HODL-Up along with the community will be a force to reckon with in 2023 and beyond.

Thanks and HODL-Up!




Name: Original Gangsters

Supply: 980

Release: 26th February 2023


Name: Unknown

Supply: Unknown

Release Date: Q2 2023


Name: Unknown

Supply: Unknown

Release Date: Q3 2023


Is it a Revolution yet or what?




What is the inspiration and theme of HODL-Up?

The inspiration and theme running though HODL-Up is based on 1920s-1930s prohibition gangsters as a vast majority were bank robbers and used to 'Hold-Up' banks etc. so the HODL-Up name is a spin on Hold-Up.

Why Hold a HODL-Up?

By holding a HODL-Up NFT you will be automatically whitelisted for future drops and be part of a strong and dedicated community within the Web3 space as we continue to build and push boundaries.

What is this revolution you speak of?

Big things have small beginnings.

Wen is the release date?

26th February 2023 at 2pm GMT
Is the whitelist (allowlist) over-allocated?
YES it is. The HODL-Up supply is 980 and whitelist will have 3000-4000 whitelisted addresses, so first come first serve, good luck!

What network/chain is HODL-Up on?

Ethereum ERC-721A

Will it be instant reveal?


What are the creator fees?



Thanks for being part of the Revolution

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